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Boomer Optioneers offers a holistic perspective on elderhood and elder care.

Graphic Credit
Ethan Hughes,
Possibility Alliance

Years before the economy took a nose dive, some of us realized that very few boomers would have the savings to live the long lives that modern medicine currently offers. Since neither boomers' kids nor the American government will be able to sustain large populations of impoverished boomers for 20 - 30 years, we need new solutions. We need them soon!

We need solutions that:
  • Originate from love and possibility
  • Promote health and well being
  • Break up denial
  • Build on the foundations of oneness and interdependence
  • Develop personal and collective responsibility
  • Laugh at limitations

Fortunately, boomers have never allowed current circumstances to define their reality!

"In the 60s they changed the world, In their 60's they may do it again."